Professional Nomads is a sanctuary for adventurous folks who view traditional office work as a death sentence. This website captures the stories of modern-day trailblazers and shares them with career seekers and armchair travelers. These people have followed their passion and architected a unique career and lifestyle, unbound by convention. Where other people see fear, professional nomads create opportunity.


Look inside:

Nomads: Discover modern-day trailblazers

Thoughts From a Nomad: Follow my efforts/blunders as I navigate my own future in professional nomadism and digest its meaning.

Adventures in Aperture: This section allows YOU to shine; a photography-based, monthly call for submissions.

Skill Building: A growing resource to help you take the next virtual step toward becoming a professional nomad.


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  1. Your pap directed me to this site. I know him thru Western CO Congress and other relatively exciting arenas in Montrose. He has told me a little about you– Nomad, Alaska, pilot.
    I really enjoyed looking at your photo’s & reading about your adventures. A friend of mine did Kilamanjaro (sp) several years ago. He also worked for NPS in AL. Maybe Dennis will invite me and Nancy out for a beer somewhere, sometime you’re in Montrose. I elected to “Follow”.
    Marv Ballantyne

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